An Unscheduled Break

So I’ve been quiet again, I know. I wasn’t sure what to say.  I still don’t know what to say, to be honest, but I feel like it’s not fair to leave you all hanging, wondering where I went off to. I’ll just do my best and hopefully you’ll understand.

I immigrated to Finland from Canada three-ish years ago because my wife got a terrific job offer. Of course I came with her. I love her more than life itself. I figured somehow I would come up with a job of some sort or get hired by someone once my Finnish was fluent enough.

I started this business of making swords and cool stuff because the landlord wouldn’t let me play with my noisy tools in my apartment and nobody would rent me a workshop unless I had a registered company. So register I did. Inkblade Studios was born.

To be allowed to work in Finland as an immigrant, you need to have a valid residence permit. When you arrive, typically you’re granted a one-year permit to see if you like the country and can acclimatise to life in Finland well enough. Then, three months before your one-year permit is set to expire, you must submit a request to have your permit renewed. I did that with ample time to spare because I don’t like leaving such important things to the last minute!

The next permit you’re granted is supposed to be for four years and you don’t have to worry about it for quite awhile. I simply marked in my agenda the date I received the new permit and made a note to make another renewal appointment three and a half years down the road.

Only, there was a mistake. They didn’t give me a four year permit. They gave me another one-year permit. And I didn’t notice that the expiry date was wrong.

A full six months after the residence permit had expired without my knowledge, I got a letter from the federal health insurance bureau letting me know that I wasn’t covered. I was very confused and it took a couple days to figure out why I wasn’t covered anymore. I was furious when I realised I’d been given the wrong permit. Furious and worried. I’d had no intention of letting the thing expire.

What would happen to me now? I wondered. And why in the name of all things good had they not sent me a letter telling me that I’d missed the renewal date?! They have all my info including where I live, how to contact me, what I paid on my last income tax (because yes I have been paying my taxes like a good boy), and also exactly when I was granted my last residency permit. I still don’t know what happened, guys. I don’t know if I misunderstood something, or they told me the wrong thing, or they changed their mind for some unknown reason, or maybe they made a mistake and thought this was my first permit instead of my second? In any case, mistakes have been made and I am not a happy camper.

Without a valid residence permit, I’m not permitted to work in this country until they have made a decision on my case. The immigration officer I spoke with told me it would be “a few months”. … yeah. Not allowed to work for “a few months”. While paying for a workshop I’m not allowed to work in. Not allowed to do the thing I love. I’m trying to distract myself with other things but … it’s not good. I’m not good right now guys. Work is good for me. It keeps my brain occupied so it doesn’t do its hateful little anxiety-depression dance. I don’t know how I can hang on to my sanity for “a few months”.

I was going to be releasing my new line of Clariel swords this month. I was hoping for the first or second week of February and holy moley was I ever looking forward to finally getting paid something after all this investing money into my company and time and patience in research and development. It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s going to be even longer. It seems like every time I get too close to success, something has to come along and stop me.

I just want to do my job, pay my taxes, and be as close to normal as my fruitcake little brain will let me. Is that really too much to ask?


Yes, I know. I went quiet again. Thing is: I cut the tip off my left ring finger by accident. Well, of course it was an accident. I’m not that bonkers.


Now, it’s healing quite well. Got some nice pink new skin coming in and I should have full function of my finger, but the wound is still fresh enough that I still can’t do any carving without it … uh … well, leaking. Ewwwww. No I’m not gonna show you any pics of the boo boo itself. That’s gross.

I go on vacation to Canada to see my friends and relatives that I haven’t seen for two years. I had hoped to have the sword model finished and moulded in silicone, ready for resin casting when I got back. Needless to say, that’s gotten pushed back.

It’s frustrating. I get a new request for a sword pretty much every second day and I really, really want to be making all those pretty shiny things for y’all right now! This is just rotten luck I tell ya. I’m super duper bored cause, well, it’s my finger. Everything I do requires the use of both my hands. Even typing is weird and slow because I can’t push the W, S, or X button with the finger I’m supposed to.

Anywho, grump grump grump, pout pout pout, rawr. I swear I’m not being lazy. I’m just full of OUCH. Yes I will get to your emails. Thank you for being patient with me. Stay awesome. ❤

Aliens Modelling Human Clothes?

You know, I’m all for playing with the human form in terms of exploring its movement, balance, and intricacies in art. Please note that last bit: in ART. However, I had an unpleasant surprise yesterday while walking past The Bay.


While bipedal and wearing human clothing, these strange critters are definitely not human.

Why? Why, when we are having trouble with putting forward images of beauty more in keeping with actual human proportions, are some companies insistent on portraying something even more impossible? Continue reading “Aliens Modelling Human Clothes?”

JK Rowling Does Not Owe You Airtime

So, I stumbled across THIS today. Really Huffington Post? I’d come to expect better of you. This is trash.

Who the crap does Mz Shepherd think she is telling an artist what to create and what not to create? Who does she think she is telling adults what they can and can’t read? I agree with Anne Rice, this article is nothing short of hateful vitriol spewed by someone who is too consumed by jealousy to do the mature thing. Which is: wish Rowling well and continue creating her own art while not whining about how famous she -isn’t-.

Get A Job

One of my favourite writers recently wrote a blog post on one (if not the) most irritating thing about being a full time author.

Check it out here: Get a Job

As for me, I’ve hit the halfway mark for blocking out the scenes of book 2 of Blood of Midnight. Busy busy!

Lastly, remember that there are only three weeks left to take advantage of:


At the end of February, it’s back to full price, so don’t miss it!

Fuck you, Ms. Johnson.

Die vampires die!

The Bloggess

Today I’m working on my book, which I’ve been struggling with because of what my shrink labels as “Imposter Syndrome” and what I more accurately label as “The Horrors of Brain Constipation.”  Regardless, today I’m going to attempt to write my ass off and I’m doing it with the help of my personal theme song.  I’ve shared this here before, but if you’re anything like me and you need a kick to stop telling yourself that you suck then you might need this again: (Put on your headphones)

Pull out those shrink-dinks, people.  We’ve got work to do.

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