Hollow Vengeance – Update

Just a quick note to let y’all know that Chapter 6 of Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance is finished. That leaves me with seventeen more to go. Not bad!

I’m enjoying having a look over my notes and plans for what I want to happen in each chapter and happily flouting it if I don’t like it. This has not been my habit in the past. I tend to like to make plans and stick to them but I’ve been much more liberal with my writing lately. Yay! It’s less taxing this way.

A New Life – Short Story

Author’s Note: This is a short story that follows When Casey Met Staruff. Both are set in the Blood of Midnight universe. Hope you enjoy!

A New Life


Freden Baysmuth glowered at Casey but the young giant was not intimidated. Having just stared death in the face and won the wounds to prove it, an angry father was nothing by comparison. Bram didn’t look up from his tending to the ugly hole where the arrow had been ripped from Casey’s chest. Perhaps he was just intent on doing a proper job of it, but Casey suspected his elder brother was avoiding looking at Freden.

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The Rabbit – Short Story

Author’s note: This is an exercise that we did in our writers’ circle a week ago and I’ve just gotten around to tidying it up. It is a fanfiction piece, the first I’ve ever done. It is from an anime called Shiki. Hope you enjoy!

Fandom: Shiki (anime)

Focus: Seishin Muroi

Time Period: Takes place just after the end of the anime and ignores the manga.

The Rabbit

From the diary of Seishin Muroi.

This is not how the story is supposed to end.

I had always known that death was my path. I could not help but hear its whispers in the forest growing its grave-marker trees all around me. All my life has been lived in its noose.

When I was younger and more foolish, I courted it, sought to marry it with a knife to my wrist. But it would not have me yet, and I felt shame for trying to force my mortal body upon a grave yet to shallow to receive me.

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Scribd’s Improved Copyright Protection Systems Reaping Results for Smashwords Authors

Scribd’s Improved Copyright Protection Systems Reaping Results for Smashwords Authors.

Good news from Smashwords! Indie authors typically don’t make much money unless they’re lucky enough to go viral.  As such, it’s great to see companies protecting our modest profits and listening to our concerns.

I keep my prices as absolutely low as possible. Some people think this means I undervalue my work. I don’t. I aim to make my book accessible to people of limited income because I remember the not-so-great feeling of browsing Chapters as a broke student writing down the titles of all the books I wanted to buy when I had the money. That’s like going to Disneyland just to sit outside the gates and look longingly at all the things you can’t enjoy.

I don’t believe in doing douchebaggy things like using DRM protection which only serves to annoy paying customers. So, it’s nice to see Scribd doing this and allowing we indie authors to keep our prices reasonable without worrying so much about pirates cutting into our pay. Way to go guys!

Chapter Four Update

Hurrah! Chapter 4 of Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance is completed! Time for me to start penning that short story for y’all.

Also, I’d like to share with you a cake I baked for the two year anniversary celebration of Bonavista Writers’ Circle. If you’re a writer yourself, chances are, you recognize the joke: the most useless feedback you can ever get.


Hehehehe. Until next time guys, stay awesome.


Blood of Midnight Short Fiction Update

The next short story I’d like to present for your reading pleasure will be about Casey’s decision to leave his life of yak-herding to make his fortune as a mercenary. Naturally, his father is not pleased.

As is the bane of my existence, I have yet to decide when along the timeline the story should start. Events for me are a continuous stream, much like real-life history. That, however, is bad storytelling and I wish only to give you the interesting bits to read.

Send some good mojo my way y’all! I’ll get on it as soon as I can.

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