Realistic Writing: Head Injuries

Your goody two-shoes hero doesn’t want to kill people, so he just knocks them out. Sounds pretty straightforward right? Except it isn’t. Do you have any idea what it takes to render someone unconscious with blunt force trauma? Before I read this article, I didn’t! What’s more, you might not want to. It’s all too easy to die from the after effects of being hit on the head.

A word of warning: this is a frank account of the realities of head injury. If violence makes you squirm, you may not want to click.

Now brace yourself guys, this is gonna hurt.

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Can Writer’s Block Be Sexy?

Sometimes I don’t know what’s going on with my muse. All the same, have a little poetry.

A Page in Wait

White-breasted and virgin am I.
Lay eyes upon me,
then fingers.

Lay me down and press me,
smooth me under-palm.
A hitch in breath
at the first touch
of pen.

Thirsty fibres drink, saturate,
darken, flush with ink.
Pant with each scratch upon me.
Faster now.

Cover me, fill me to my edges.
Change me, claim me.
I shall never be the same.
Marked by your hands,
by your will.


There is another side to me.

All-Day Wear – Alcohol Activated Body Paint

Hi folks! A commenter asked some really interesting questions about how to manage and touch-up alcohol activated paint while you’re at a convention hall or other event. That’s certainly something I’ve experimented with a lot and I’ve found some things that do and don’t  work so well.

So, how do you keep looking like this all day long?

Yup, those hands are painted.

It’s easier than you think with just a few tricks. Continue reading “All-Day Wear – Alcohol Activated Body Paint”

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