Final Day of Five for February

Hey guys! Just a quick note to remind you that today is the last day of the Five for February sale. Tomorrow, the paperback version of Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy, will go back up to regular price so if you want it and want to save five bucks, better grab it now!


Available at all major e-book retailers.

I’d also like to let you know that in March, I intend to post some short stories set within the Blood of Midnight world. These will be scene-unseen type affairs, that is to say, scenes that either did not make the final cut into the novel, or happened before or after Book I. (Book II begins two years later.) I’d like to offer these up as bonus material for all you nice folks who have taken the time to show interest in my work.

Here’s wishing you a productive new month!

JK Rowling Does Not Owe You Airtime

So, I stumbled across THIS today. Really Huffington Post? I’d come to expect better of you. This is trash.

Who the crap does Mz Shepherd think she is telling an artist what to create and what not to create? Who does she think she is telling adults what they can and can’t read? I agree with Anne Rice, this article is nothing short of hateful vitriol spewed by someone who is too consumed by jealousy to do the mature thing. Which is: wish Rowling well and continue creating her own art while not whining about how famous she -isn’t-.

Five for February Sale

Just a reminder that there is one more week left in the Five for February sale. If you want a paperback copy of Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy, you’d better nab it now before it goes back to full price!


Disposable Boys

Yet another article I’ve sat on for awhile, drawing up the courage to actually post it. I’ve been ridiculed and bullied into silence on this matter in the past but my feelings on it haven’t changed. Nobody is disposable. Nobody deserves to be exploited or abused. Nobody.

Trigger Warning: sexual abuse, human trafficking, exploitation

The Disposability of Boys

Fairy Skirt for Five Bucks or Less!

Good news everyone, you might have a free skirt hiding in your house. With climate change being such a hot topic (pardon the pun), many people are finding out that the eco option is very often the economic option as well. With a little creative thinking, old, worn-out items can be re-used as something cool and inventive.

My wife and I both tend to wear through our jeans in the crotch and thigh area because of how much walking we like to do. While it might be cool to put a patch on a tear in the knee or hem, a patch on the crotch is really weird-looking. But I kept stowing away ruined pairs of jeans because the damage was localized to a very small (if unfortunate) place. So much perfectly good fabric!


I’m a-frayed these are beyond repair …

If you have jeans that are in mostly good condition, or perhaps ones that just don’t fit right anymore, you might consider this little project and give yourself or your sweety a brand new skirt! It even has pockets for keys and wallets and such which few women’s garments tend to these days.

My wife now has this lovely petal-like skirt for when the weather warms up. (hint: Go away snow!)


No sewing machines, no measuring, no problem! Let’s get started!

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How We Talk About Rape

I stumbled on this essay: We Need to Change How We Talk About Rape by Film Crit Hulk while doing some research for a future novel. I hesitated in posting it up because of its obviously delicate subject matter but, after some thought, I decided it was too good not to share.

This is a 12 part essay, so I found it best to be consumed in parts over a few days, especially because I like to take the time to think on heavy subjects.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am extremely picky about what feminist literature I read because a depressing amount of it contains: have penis = bad person. (To grossly oversimplify.) While I don’t agree with the essay 100% — I rarely do on any subject matter — it was a refreshing and enlightening experience to be able to read on the subject without being made to feel like an asshole simply by virtue of being a man.

Well, back to work with me. Books don’t write themselves.

Get A Job

One of my favourite writers recently wrote a blog post on one (if not the) most irritating thing about being a full time author.

Check it out here: Get a Job

As for me, I’ve hit the halfway mark for blocking out the scenes of book 2 of Blood of Midnight. Busy busy!

Lastly, remember that there are only three weeks left to take advantage of:


At the end of February, it’s back to full price, so don’t miss it!

Sony Reader Store Closing

Hey guys, I just got this notice via Smashwords:

The Sony Reader Store is closing its digital doors. If you have one and you’re concerned about making sure you still have access to all the ebooks you bought through them, you might want to take a look at this article here to find out what you need to do.

Hot Off the Press


Finally, Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy is available via This means great things for me as more people shop there than on Lulu (despite the fact that Lulu is  cheaper shhhh!). This makes me a very happy camper after all the struggle of figuring out publishing for the first time. Starting to see some revenue coming in and that feels wonderful after all I’ve invested in custom art, professional editor, graphic designer, etc.

Also, please do remember that the Five for February sale is indeed still on. Have a fabulous Friday, folks.


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