Almost done!

I can’t wait to show you the forging of Ouriel and Remiel, but until then, have a teaser.


A gentle squeeze on the handle brings Ouriel to life and lights up the room. Not only is it clear enough to read through but you can read in the dark!

Stay tuned for more pretty things coming up next.

And You Thought Having a Light Sabre Was Cool

Here’s another sneak peak at Remiel and Ouriel, my current works in progress. They’re so achingly close to being finished! I only have the end-caps left to make.


A Sneak Peek at Glowing Blades


Everything is going according to plan mwahahahahaha! I mean … yay! Here’s Ouriel being fabulous as per usual. Leather handle shaping is coming up next. Stay tuned!

Busy Days at the Studio!


Here’s a peek at what’s going on at the Adamant Studio. On the left sits a newly re-shaped Gabriel short sword. On the right is an Ouriel and its matching dagger, Remiel, both with slots cut and drilled for LEDs. These are the FIRST light-up blades to come out of the Studio and I’m super excited about the progress.

In the middle is a never-before-seen short sword that I’ve been keeping a secret for weeks now and code-named “Spinner”. The reason for the secrecy? It was a present for my wife’s birthday!


You might say she was a little excited.

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