Bonavista Writers’ Circle Turns Two!

On this day, two years ago, we held our first Writers’ Circle meeting. Since then, we’ve more than doubled our numbers and created a Skype-In option for out-of-town (or out-of-country) members. The amount of improvement I’ve seen in everyone, myself included, warms my heart in a way I can’t describe. All I know is that I’m so thankful for the group and all the participants who continue to bring their A Game each and every time they come.

It isn’t easy to show your work to people, even close friends. But the Bonavisters don’t play it safe. They put out weird experimental pieces, write outside their normal genre and age range, and even try out mediums they’ve never touched before like slam poetry. Sometimes it flies and sometimes it doesn’t but if they fear the red pen they sure as hell don’t show it.

There’s an immense sense of security that comes with knowing my friends won’t let me put out garbage. I can rest easy knowing that they will catch my flaws and help me fix them. I have learned so  much, and I am grateful.

So here’s to two wonderful years and many more to come. Skald!

Some Happy News

Jamie Wyman’s Kickstarter for Unveiled is funded! Thanks so much to everyone who supported her either financially or by boosting the signal. Now we get to read the sequel to Wild Card!

In other news, chapter 4 of Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance is completed. I’m moving right along with the novel as scheduled. If I keep up this pace, it may even be done before winter. Wouldn’t that be great? Yaaay!

Stay awesome y’all!

Sequels! – Update

Just a quick note to tell y’all that I’ve finished the first draft of chapter 3 of Hollow Vengeance. Woohoo! I’m already liking how the story is shaping up.

Also, speaking of sequels, if you have a minute, I’d strongly suggest taking a look at Jamie Wyman’s Kickstarter to fund the second book of her series. I’ve read the first book Wild Card and I neeeeeeed to find out what happens! With six days left on the counter, she needs only a little more for this book to become a reality. That’s such a small sum. Let’s help her!

A Setup – A Short Story

Author’s Note: Here’s a short story that I submitted to the Writers’ Circle this past weekend. It was pretty well received and I liked it enough to revise it and share for your reading enjoyment. This short is based in the same world as a novel I currently have on the backburner to work on when I don’t feel like tinkering with Blood of Midnight. Got to keep those writing muscles in shape and a change is as good as a rest! Hope you like it.


A Setup

“We don’t serve his kind in here,” the barkeep said, jabbing a stubby finger in Arkan’s direction.

Kierendros looked at his travelling companion and frowned. Ordinarily, he’d have exercised his right as prince of Endar to put the man in his place but their mission required secrecy. Without his crown and sigil, his word held no power, especially not here in Eastern Gar. Alder-Venian outposts littered the coast like clots of seaweed after a storm.

The dark elf blinked slowly, making no move aside from white lashes falling over cerulean eyes, but the inn quieted as though he’d drawn blades. The patrons nearby shifted their chairs away from him. Arkan stepped close to him and whispered in his ear.

“My Lord, all is well. I can wait outside.” Continue reading “A Setup – A Short Story”

The Hardest Part Has Nothing to Do With Writing

Today’s bureaucratic battle: I need an ITIN to ensure that the IRS doesn’t withold 30 percent of my profits from my book sales to the US. To get that, I need to send a certified true copy of my passport. To get a certified true copy of my passport, I need to pay 45 bucks to the passport office, in person, with two forms of photo ID and for some unexplained reason two photos, one of which is signed by a guarantor.

Have questions? So do I. Unfortunately, the passport offices are closed for Easter Monday. DAMMIT! *facedesk* I just want to write books! Is that too much to ask!?

Chapter Two and Short Story Update

Woop woop! Finished the first draft of chapter two of Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance. It needs some editing but stands up well enough for me to continue on with chapter 3.

Also, my short story I Am The Way, received some more edits from my writer buddies so I will probably upload a more polished version of it soonish.

That’s all for now. Ethan out.