Fairy Skirt for Five Bucks or Less!

Good news everyone, you might have a free skirt hiding in your house. With climate change being such a hot topic (pardon the pun), many people are finding out that the eco option is very often the economic option as well. With a little creative thinking, old, worn-out items can be re-used as something cool and inventive.

My wife and I both tend to wear through our jeans in the crotch and thigh area because of how much walking we like to do. While it might be cool to put a patch on a tear in the knee or hem, a patch on the crotch is really weird-looking. But I kept stowing away ruined pairs of jeans because the damage was localized to a very small (if unfortunate) place. So much perfectly good fabric!


I’m a-frayed these are beyond repair …

If you have jeans that are in mostly good condition, or perhaps ones that just don’t fit right anymore, you might consider this little project and give yourself or your sweety a brand new skirt! It even has pockets for keys and wallets and such which few women’s garments tend to these days.

My wife now has this lovely petal-like skirt for when the weather warms up. (hint: Go away snow!)


No sewing machines, no measuring, no problem! Let’s get started!

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