Busy busy …

Well, the bad news is, I got snowed in for the weekend.

The good news is, I had a big ol’ bottle of sake and the outlining of chapter 2 of Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance is well underway. Woo!

The best news, of course, is that, yes, you heard right, my novel is on sale for the entire month of February. Two more months of winter yeaaaaaah we can get through this!


Status Report on Sequel, Cover Art


I just finished the plot and structure of the first chapter of Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance. Woo! Very excited to flesh it out. I’m pleased with the way the plot is coming together already.

In terms of cover art, presently, I’m waiting for Lulu’s Global Reach to kick in so that Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy will be available for purchase on Amazon.com in its paperback format. It’s already there in ebook for the Kindle, if you so desire. For the paperback, it’ll take 6-8 weeks to be approved.

While I’m waiting, though, I’m considering showing y’all some love for the month of February and reducing the price of the book to 20.50 instead of 25.50. What do ya think? Five dollar discount for a month? Don’t be afraid to post or “like” and let me know your opinion.

Great Weekend

We had a fantastic writers’ circle meeting this weekend. I introduced our Scrivener-using members to Carol’s Novel Outliner and received some very positive feedback. Everyone came with vague ideas and left with a viable plot.

As for work, not much to report. I’ve been sick with a cold and slowly slogging through the second scene of A Hollow Vengeance. I’ve finally been able to approve the cover for the paperback version of Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy. It should be available via Amazon in 4-8 weeks but until then, it’s available on Lulu if you’d like one.

Ebooks are available through all major distributors. Amazon, Kobo, Barns and Noble, you name it.

If you’ve read it already, I’d appreciate a review on Goodreads. Whelp, back to work with me. Catch ya later!

Signed Books

I sent out my first signed copy of Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy today. What an exciting experience!

I’ve got all the plot elements for the sequel Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance done and I’ve started work on the plot skeleton. The first scene should be all blocked out by tomorrow. Possibly the entirety of the first chapter if I really get on a roll.

Until next time, folks! Thanks for stopping by. 

Blood of Midnight Sequel Title

Alright! I’ve finally settled on a title for the second Blood of Midnight book:

Blood of Midnight: A Hollow Vengeance. 

While the first book focuses slightly more on Damon, the second follows Phoenix more closely. At first, I was apprehensive about this. Since I’ve been talking with some really amazing women, doing some research and reading, I’m a lot more secure with the idea of writing from the perspective of a female warrior.

I’m very excited to be working with these characters again. My only worry at this point is how to jam so much action into one book! I’m sure I’ll manage.

Kincaid out, see ya later.

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