Great Weekend

We had a fantastic writers’ circle meeting this weekend. I introduced our Scrivener-using members to Carol’s Novel Outliner and received some very positive feedback. Everyone came with vague ideas and left with a viable plot.

As for work, not much to report. I’ve been sick with a cold and slowly slogging through the second scene of A Hollow Vengeance. I’ve finally been able to approve the cover for the paperback version of Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy. It should be available via Amazon in 4-8 weeks but until then, it’s available on Lulu if you’d like one.

Ebooks are available through all major distributors. Amazon, Kobo, Barns and Noble, you name it.

If you’ve read it already, I’d appreciate a review on Goodreads. Whelp, back to work with me. Catch ya later!

Cover Update

This, I hope, will be the last time I have to upload a cover to Lulu. At least on this project. Haha! After futzing around over fifteen (not exaggerating) different iterations of the cover, I have one that finally looks like there will be NO overlap on the covers from the spine. 

Many thanks go out to my tireless graphic designer, Kristy Laporte. You are full of win. Proof is ordered once again. All copies from now on will be Second Edition. People who bought the book within the first month and a half of availability now have a special version that will never be printed again. Woot! 

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