What’s on Ethan’s Table This Week?

From left to right, we have an up-sized Jahoel, a mystery blade, a Tzoriel dagger, and a Zaapiel ring-sword. All polished up to 180 grit.

From here, I continue polishing Jahoel while the other three get treated to some engraving on the blade. I like to have those engravings done before the final polishing because it’s less of a headache to fix if the Dremel slips and scratches something. That’s okay! I was going to polish that anyway!

The mystery blade will also get its polymer clay hilt fitted in place. The design is sci-fi in nature so I don’t have to hide the screws. *gasp!* I think I gave another hint! Hmmm what could it be?

Stay tuned folks, there’s a lot of brand new stuff coming from the Studio shortly.

Author: Ethan Kincaid

Ethan Kincaid was born in 1985 in Brockville, a sleepy little town on the St. Lawrence River. He graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a degree in Linguistics and a minor in Japanese Language. After finishing his education, he settled down there with his wife Kaitlyn and became a full-time writer. In 2011, he moved to Montreal and discovered its vibrant writing culture. In 2015, Ethan moved to Helsinki, Finland with his wife; he works as a props crafter and part time author. His first book, Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy is the first of a new fantasy trilogy. The greatest joy in his life lies in helping budding writers find their voices. In his words: "I like to shake people until cool stuff comes out!"

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