Home Made Ginger Tea

Ginger tea VS cold season: GO! 

So, I mentioned in an earlier post that was making some ginger tea in the dehydrator. I decided to share this arcane knowledge with the rest of the world because the tea it produces is absolutely divine.

What drove me to make my own tea? Well, where I live, it’s difficult to get your hands on just plain ginger tea without paying around eight to twelve dollars for 20 sachets at a health food store. There’s all sorts of blends: ginger & lemon, honey ginger, ginger, lemon & honey, ginger, lemon, mint & fennel (EW.), ginger & chamomile …




Ahem. Sorry. As I was saying, sometimes, I just want a tea that aids in digestion or calms an upset stomach. Yes, you might want to add some lemon to it if you have a cold, or some honey if you’ve got a sore throat, but most of the time I just like the clean, spicy flavour of ginger. Continue reading “Home Made Ginger Tea”

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