Computers are Confuzzling

Aha! I managed to get a Goodreads widgit up and running in my sidebar. The ways they recommended doing it didn’t actually work for me and, instead, spit out a bunch of code with a link at the bottom. So I had to be a bit more creative and save the button image and manually link the Blood of Midnight review page to it.

I’m actually kind of impressed that I did that before I even finished my coffee this morning. What else lies in store for me today? I’ve been slogging through Goodreads trying to figure out how to use it. Still pretty confused. I’m sure it’ll be a great resource when I manage to make heads or tails of it.

Still struggling with DriveThru Fiction as well. I’ll let you know when/if that turns out. I really want to get the second proof back from Lulu to make sure the cover clipping issue is fixed before I really throw myself into getting it all configured for another distributor.

Despite the headaches of self-publishing, I wouldn’t trade the agency I have with my work for the ease of having someone else do all of this. I hate waiting on other people to complete the next stage of my plans.

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