Great News!

Okay, so the issue with the table of contents was resolved. If you’re making an ebook, and struggling with this, this might be of interest to you.

Apparently, sometimes when the book is converted from one format to another, or even simply opened in another program, hidden bookmarks are created that mess up the functionality of the book when it’s converted to an .epub format. Thankfully, this is easy to fix if you know how.

You go to Insert, then Bookmarks, and in the field where your bookmarks appear you’ll see the little buggers that snuck in there. You’ll know them because they start with an underscore: _like this. And you definitely didn’t put them there. Delete them. Make sure the document is saved. Close it and send it off.

I mean it.

Close it. Don’t open it again to check on it. And send it off.

Why? Because if you open it again, at least if you’re using Open Office like I do, the program will re-create those hidden bookmarks and you’ll have to do this again.

Now that that’s solved, let’s see what manner of mischief I can get up to today.

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