Blood of Midnight Printing Proof Ordered

Alright! Paperback proof has been ordered from Lulu. It will take 4-7 business days to reach me. Once I have verified that there are no weird printing errors, I will make the book available for public purchase.

The price will be around 20 dollars Canadian. Lulu will not let me price it any lower, unfortunately. It’s more than I wanted it to be but, as this is my first book, and without the financial clout of a big publishing house behind me, print-on-demand is the only way I’m able to bring you a paperback copy.

If it’s absolutely beyond your budget but you still want to enjoy the book, I encourage you to pick up an electronic version from Smashwords or Amazon and download a free e-reader app for you computer. My editor recommends Calibre as his favourite option to read it with. Yes, it’s free. If you want to try this option and you’re having trouble, please let me know. I think people should be able to enjoy my work regardless of their income.

I remember walking through my favourite bookstore as a kid and having no money to buy any of the books I wanted. It’s a sad feeling, and I promised myself that when I was an author, I wouldn’t do that to anyone else. I’m doing my best for you guys, I promise.

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