Swords I’ve Made

Here’s a link to my Etsy shop!

Here’s the Clariel model I currently have in stock. More styles are coming soon!

Or you can send me an email at inkbladestudios@gmail.com to ask about buying a blade. Don’t worry, I’m not scary and I will be happy to answer your questions as soon as I can.

Here are some custom orders I’ve made before:


This Remiel sports a leather handle. The basic model does not have a leather wrapping.

For those who like getting up-close and personal with their foes! Remiel is a dagger measuring 33cm in length.


This Tzorial has engraving, leather wrap, wire wrap, LED, and a cast resin jewel. The basic model is much simpler.

Tzorial is a leaf-blade dagger with a rounded pommel. As you can see, with a little creativity, there are many ways a Seraph Blade can be customised! This dagger is 37cm long and 6cm wide.



Clariel is a short sword based on the Seraph Blade that Clary wields in the first season of the Shadowhunters TV show. It is 50cm long by 7.5 cm wide. The basic model (sans light and leather wrap) is 231.64 EUROS (plus shipping)


This Elissa has a leather wrap and LED. The basic model does not have a wrapping or light.

Elissa, also known as “The Rose Sword” is a Seraph Blade acquired a nickname for its thorny shape. The Shadowhunter who wields it says it an ice sword. I can certainly see the resemblance! It measures 45cm long by 10cm wide.



Jahoel is a 44cm short sword. It is my personal favourite design. Sleek and slender, with a wicked scorpion tail spike on the pommel.



Sarathiel is a 45cm short sword. In design, it’s quite similar to Jahoel but it has a rounded pommel and a thicker blade.


This Azrael has a slot cut in it for an LED insert. A basic Azrael with no LED will not have this opening.

Azrael is a 75cm longsword. Despite its asymmetrical profile, it is actually double-edged which makes its crafting somewhat tricky.

A bit on the heavy side to wield, but gives extra reach to damage demons from afar. And they certainly don’t expect that double edge coming at them on the back-swing!



Gabriel is a longsword measuring 56cm in length. If its shape looks familiar, that’s because it was inspired by Jace’s blade from The Mortal Instruments movie. It is the first kind of Seraph Blade I created.


Fun fact: Michael is so big that it won’t fit on my work table! This sword is slotted for an LED. A lightless Michael will not have this opening.

Behold the behemoth of the Studio: Michael! This longsword measures 90cm in length and is quite heavy. If you’re thinking of carrying this bad boy into battle, you’d best start working out your arms.

The design is based on the longswords from the Shadowhunters TV series.


This Ouriel has a leather handle. A basic Ouriel will not have this wrapping.

If Michael is the longest, Ouriel is certainly the widest. Its wicked recurve spike puts it at a whopping 10cm wide. At 59cm long, Ouriel falls into the longsword category.


This Sariel is equipped with leather wrapping and an LED. The basic model is a solid unwrapped blade without a light.

This long sword was inspired by the one wielded by Isabelle Lightwood in the Mortal Instruments movie. True to character, it is both deadly and elegant. Sariel measures 78cm by 7cm.


A basic Spinner will not be this colour and will not have a leather wrap.

This 53cm gladius was originally conceived as a Dark Elf priestess’ blade. The basic longsword, however, is perfectly capable of serving as a Seraph Blade if desired.


This is a highly customised Zaapiel. It sports rings, engraving, a leather wrap, an LED, wire wrapping, and a resin cast jewel. The basic model is, well, more basic.

Zaapiel was modelled after the Chinese ring sword. The rings were meant to distract an opponent and ruin the edge of their sword upon blocking. This ostentatious blade is perfect for the Shadowhunter who truly fears nothing. Zaapiel measures 55cm by 10cm.


It Glows!


How do you hide an LED in a crystal clear sword? Very carefully. The LED option for my blades requires a hilt cover of some kind. I offer Leather, Faux-Leather, or wood handles.




Engraved Runes


Designs can be carved into leather and inlaid with paint. This results in a robust image that will not wear off with time.

150 thoughts on “Swords I’ve Made”

      1. That depends on the size of the blade and any special things you might want for the design. (ie: runes, sculpture on the hilt, etc) I think my cheapest blade is 100 euros before shipping.


    1. That depends on the size of the blade you want and the cost of obtaining the industrial acrylic. Have you looked at acrylic manufacturers in your area? If you want lighting, you will need to check the prices of small LED lights at your local retailers, as well as Sculpy, Fimo, or other forms of high-quality sculpting clay for the fittings. Lastly, you will have to seek out a place to buy leather for the handles. I wish I could give a more concrete answer than that, but having moved from Canada to Finland, I can vouch for the fact that prices for the materials vary wildly depending on where you live. I got acrylic end-pieces in Montreal for about ten dollars a sword. Here in Helsinki, I have to buy a full meter of the stuff which runs me roughly 200 euros!


      1. Hey, I live in finland too and I have wondered : where do you buy the materials for the Blades ? In Finland ?


  1. Hi! So I am interested in buying one of these, but I was confused on what each blade looks like. I was wondering if you could specify, or email me pictures of some of them with what blades they are.


  2. So I am interested in buying one of these, most likely the wakizashi, but I was confused on how each of them looked. I was wondering if you would be able to email me pictures of the blades? Thanks!


    1. Yes. 3-4 weeks of crafting, depending on what style is desired and how many other orders I have on the table. I have a maximum of 4 crafting slots open at any given time so that things don’t get TOO bogged down. Then 6-14 business days for the sword to get to its destination. I’m working on developing crafting methods to shave down the time it takes to make the swords so that people can get them sooner. I’m so, SO grateful for people being patient. ^_^


  3. Hi! I’m currently in Scotland for a semester and will be going home by the end of May. I’d like to buy one of your swords for a comic con in Boston this summer, but I don’t know if it will come in time to get it shipped to my residence in the UK. When is the latest I should ask for an order? Thanks!


    1. This may be possible, actually. Could you email me at ekincaidwrites (at) gmail (dot) com and give me specific dates and the style you’re considering? Then I can give you a more accurate estimate. 🙂


  4. These seraph blades are so amazing! In the future I plan to have a Shadowhunter wedding so I will definitely be returning for a few blades 🙂 There’s no way I could ever make one myself. Excellent tutorial by the way for those that have the patience and skills to make one!


  5. I’m sorry, I’m just wondering… what happens when the battery of the led light runs out? Can you change it?


    1. Yes. Quite easily. You will need a screwdriver to open the light case itself to get at the battery but it’s a normal watch battery. Nothing arcane going on in there. 😉


      1. That depends on a few factors. 1. What material you want the handle wrapped in 2. What style of wrapping you want. (Just like it is in the picture, just the grips wrapped like the Sarathiel style I did, something different …) 3. how many runes you want painted on, and 4. What country I’m shipping to. Could you possibly email me at inkbladestudios@gmail.com ? We can talk specifics. 🙂


  6. Are these sharp or anything? Is their a way to make it sharp? I know it’s a dumb question to you but I let my imagination decide on posting this.


    1. They are not sharp. I only make costume props, not real weapons. 🙂 If you order one and decide to sharpen it, I can’t do anything to stop you, but please don’t tell me about it. I don’t want to be in trouble.


  7. Ethan,
    I am amazed by your work and would love to get my hands on a Gabrial blade for myself. I have sent you emails as well to both accounts listed above. Hope to hear back from you soon as I am hoping to receive this by end of October.


      1. Thanks so much for the response. I sent an email as well with the info. Looking forward to hearing back.


  8. Are you still making these? I have tried to email you but it says it’s not a valid email! 😞 I want one of these very badly


    1. Hello! My email address is inkbladestudios (at) gmail (dot) com. Just replace the (at) with @ and the (dot) with . 🙂 I write it that way to avoid getting flooded by spam bots. I’m not currently taking orders because I’m searching for a new workshop. I’ll post up a message as soon as I’ve found a new workspace. Thanks for stopping by though! I really appreciate it. ❤


  9. Amazing blades! Just wondering, do they glow under a blacklight? Cuz I really like for it to glow, but like the plain ones better than with a concealing handle 🙂


    1. Hm! You know, I’m not sure. I’ve never tried putting them under blacklight. I’ll have to see! I’m working on a model with a clear handle that will contain a light. It’ll be visible but probably hidden by the hand when someone is holding it. It’ll take some fiddling to get it right.


      1. I think it will be absolutely awesome if you put them under a blacklight, the material looks like it wil glow.
        Well I’m very excited, you make great stuff!


  10. I am a big fan of mortal istrumemrs, and the prospect of making my own seraph blade is Angel-sent. I do have a question.
    Would you recommend any other material besides acrylic? Not only do I have a tight budget, but I can’t seem to find a store that sells the right thickness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You could possibly use another type of plastic like polystyrene. The prices and availability of different plastics varies wildly from place to place. I pay about 10X more for my PMMA acrylic here than I did when I lived in Canada. 😦 It’s possible to cast the Seraph Blades in clear resin if you have that skill or the willingness to learn it. Mould making and casting is a bit tricky and I’m not super good at it yet but it’s another way to get what you want. Resin will not be as clear or as strong as Plexiglass (PMMA acrylic) but if you can get it to cure really well with no micro-bubbles or imperfections in it, I think you could get it nearly the same as mine. I’m pretty sure you’ll need a small pressure chamber to get a perfect curing.

      Hmm, are there any industrial plastics manufacturers nearby? Try looking for companies that make signs for advertisements and displays for shops. Those plastics have to be thick and resilient to resist harsh weather as well as mean people throwing rocks/beer bottles through the sign and breaking it. Companies that make signs typically have some odds and ends left over from various orders. They may be willing to sell the cut-offs to you cheaply. If they say ‘no’ try another company. Eventually someone will say ‘yes’. They would rather get some money for a waste product they were going to throw out anyway. 🙂 Don’t give up. Persistence pays off!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I’m a martial artist and a mortal instruments fan. Could you make a sharp sword like these that could be of use in a combat scenario? Cheers!


  12. Woah en ees tajunnu että asut Suomessa 😀 Ihan sairaan hienoja miekkoja ja hyvät ohjeet! Aion cossata kaverin kanssa Varjonmetsästäjiä ja autoit tosi paljo!! Kiitos


    1. Hi! I know about 50 words in Finnish. Thanks for stopping by! You reminded me that I need to put my Sun Suomi study book in my bag so I can study on my lunch break. 😉 I’m trying! I promise. I’m just really busy with work. @_@


  13. Do you ever invest in making steles. I have just been turned onto your website and I haven’t dug very deep. Also, maybe you could do an Ithuriel seraph blade as a piece of remembrance.


  14. Hello! I absolutely LOVE your work! It gives the iron sisters work a run for their money 😉

    I am interested in Purchasing your Azrael sword if you have any openings. Do you have a PayPal account to pay through?


    1. Hello Tiffany! Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 It’s really cool to imagine being an Iron Sister while I’m carving the swords. The dust suit I wear is even white! Heh, well it used to be white. It’s kind of dirty now …

      Anywho, I’m just finishing up a backlog of orders from the time when I had to change workshops on short notice. I’ve got some verrrry patient Shadowhunters waiting for their blades to be done. I’ll make an announcement when I’m taking on new orders. 🙂 I absolutely do have a PayPal account. It’s my favourite method of payment. Fast, secure, and widely available. It’s the best.

      Azrael is a really popular model so I’ll definitely be making a bunch of those with the option to customise them to your preferences.


  15. Hi i would like to buy a seraph blade how much would it cost to get the seraph blade with the leather and runes with shipping


      1. i would like the sariel with led light and leather with painted on runes and frosted finish could u tell me how much that would be and shipping to Canada before i ask u to make me one.


  16. I’m sorry but for me to save up that much would take a very long time because i’m only 11 but i admire your craftmans ship and thank you for your reply


    1. PMMA. Also known as “Plexiglass”. They are carved from solid acrylic blocks and polished to a glass-like finish. Because acrylic is a hard and resilient resin, it is very strong and will not break if dropped or hit against something. (within reason)


  17. So I was wondering if you were to make a stele how much would it cost? I know your blades look amazing so I’d love to see how your steles would turn out.


  18. Hey I would like to get in contact about making 2 blades and how to get them. So if you would can you please contact me.


    1. Hiya! My email address is inkbladestudios@gmail.com . You can definitely send me a message there about what kind of blades you’d like. I’m not making new orders right now as I’m still recovering from surgery but I will definitely take note of which styles you like. That way, I will know which styles I should make first. 🙂


  19. Ok, so about how much would Gabriel be in American Dollars without LED, without Handle wrap, and without any extras. And do you have an approximate estimate for shipping to the US? Email me at RaeRaeT.6@gmail.com.


  20. Hi so I’m from the US and I was wondering how much Gabriel will cost in US dollars and if ur shipping to the US and how much that’ll cost in all.
    P.S I love ur work


  21. Hi I would like to purchase one of these in the future but I do live with two little children. Looking at the pictures they don’t look too sharp but to double check, I was wondering if these are at all sharp enough on the edges or tips that could possibly cut or scratch little hands? thank you so much! I love your work.


    1. Hi Liam! None of my blades are sharp. All edges and tips have a width of at least 3mm or 5mm. I never make anything that can be used as a weapon. Well, aside from bonking someone on the head with it but I figure that’s acceptable given that you can do that with a baseball bat too XD


  22. Hi, I’m 12 ,probably considered extremely young to be on this website bc the mortal instruments has some colorful language but I’m very mature for my age and I really want my parents to get Gabriel or clariel and I think what you do is incredible and awesome and I like to know how long the shipping might be because I live in Texas and if you’re still working on blades because parents my think it’s expensive I could save up a little to help them pay for it for my birthday which is in March


    1. Hi Mackenzie! Right now I’m in the process of switching over my workshop from carving to resin casting so I’m not completely sure when I’ll have new swords ready to sell. If you could send me an email at inkbladestudios@gmail.com I can star the email and let you know as soon as I’m able to make new swords. I like to keep track of everybody in one place so no one gets forgotten. 🙂


  23. Hello! I am 12 years old, I know that is young but I am obsessed with Shadowhunters and the Mortal Instruments! I was wondering how much Clariel would be with it lighting up and with the leather strap (including shipping and tax) in Canadian dollars?


    1. Hi there Abby! 12 is totally fine for Shadowhunter training. It takes a lot of years to get really good at it right? 🙂

      Right now, I’m making a brand new mould for Clariel and I’m using all new materials. I’m not completely sure how much each sword will cost. Sorry, I know that’s a really annoying answer. I’ll have a better one for you soon! I just want to be sure I give you the right answer. If you can send me an email at inkbladestudios@gmail.com I can keep track of your order request and let you know as soon as I’ve got some swords ready to go. It’s the easiest way for me to make sure I message everybody who said “Hey I want a Clariel!” and not miss anybody.


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