A sneak peak at a new dagger …


A sample of things to come! This seraph blade has its basic shaping completed. Hours more of smoothing and polishing await it.


Each blade is designed to the buyer’s specifications. We start with a basic model, make modifications, and shape the blade as desired.

If you’d like one of your own, here is an FAQ where you can find purchasing information. Happy hunting!

Author: Ethan Kincaid

Ethan Kincaid was born in 1985 in Ontario, Canada. He graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a degree in Linguistics and a minor in Japanese Language. After finishing his education, he settled down there with his wife Kaitlyn and became a full-time writer. In 2011, he moved to Montreal and discovered its vibrant writing culture. In 2015, Ethan moved to Helsinki, Finland with his wife; he works as a creative craftsman and part time author. The greatest joy in his life lies in helping others find venues for their own personal expression.

4 thoughts on “A sneak peak at a new dagger …”

  1. I want to congratulate you on your Seraph blades. They look very good, and I see you won an award, too. I know it is a lot of work.
    I work at The Rabbit’s Choice, and we made the prop swords for the film “City of Bones”. Ours were cast in Smooth-0n Crystal Clear urethane in silicone moulds. They still required a lot of labour intensive polishing, down to 1000 grit wet sandpaper, and then automotive polish.
    I wish you well, and hope you continue your passion for fantasy, cosplay and props.
    Good luck,
    Tim Hill


    1. Wow! Thanks very much Tim. As you can no doubt tell, I very much admire the seraph blades you made for the movie. It was a tricky thing trying to figure out how to accomplish such a thing without a casting chamber or, indeed, a workshop to work in. It’s been an adventure, starting from a newbie trying to reverse engineer how you got such a fantastic result, to finding my own groove and preferred way of crafting. It means a lot to me to get a pat on the back from a crafter of a much higher level than me.

      A friend of mine (also a prop and costume maker) suggested I do resin casting and I’m currently looking into the logistics of that. It rather removes much of the customization but might cut down on some of the labour. It will most certainly need a dedicated workshop for that, though. The smell!

      The polishing is really the necessary evil that I can’t get away from. I go from 50 grit (for shaping) up to 2000 grit automotive by small increments. Thankfully my wife is kind enough to help me un-clawify my hands afterward. Haha! I’ll soon have a “Making Of” post up for my most recent dagger. Having a better camera to capture the whole process really helps.


    2. if you sell seraph blades, do you sell the daggers and if so how much do you charge for the daggers?? And are the blades sharp like an actual sword/dagger??


      1. That depends on the style of the dagger. I would charge about 130.00CAD for a dagger like Hamaliel. Please do check out my Seraph Blade FAQ. There’s a lot of great info there.

        The blades are not actually sharp. While I could easily make them so, it would be dangerous for people to handle. I make sure they are dull so nobody gets hurt. 🙂


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