The Broken Prophecy – Sample III & paperback update

Hmm. So I have a dilemma my friends. I will be making print-on-demand copies of Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy via LuLu and I noticed that it costs almost double to print a novel in Pocket format (10.795cm x 17.463cm or 4.25″ x 6.875″) than it does to print a novel in A5 format (14.817cm x 20.99cm or 5.833″ x 8.264″). Naturally, I want to be as easy on your wallets as I can be. That’s one of the main reasons I went with self-publishing, because I can decide on the pricing for my own books without bleeding you fine folks dry for your love of reading.

Naturally, Pocket format looks more like the mass-produced paperbacks that we’re used to but A5 costs less. For reference, here’s an example of A5 versus Pocket:


The A5 novel, obviously, is on the left there. (And is actually one of my favourite books. I’m just sayin’.)

I guess my question is, readers, do you care either way? Have any preferences?

Now, for the promised sample of Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy. See you after the jump!

It was waxing late afternoon when Samuel returned. Damon looked up and was startled to see Jae Stonehart herself step through the door. The sun behind her made her light golden hair almost white. As soon as her pale green eyes fell on him, her sharp face tightened into a scowl. He felt a tremor pass through him.

“Inexcusable!” she snapped, suddenly stamping her boot on the stone floor. He lowered his eyes, unable to continue staring at the fury he saw in hers. He found himself staring instead at the golden hilt of her long sword, wondering how he could ever be worthy of such an object. He heard her draw in a breath and braced himself for the tirade he knew was coming. “That the son of Erik Stonehart himself should be attacked in this manner! Those highwaymen have gone too far, and on my territory!”

He looked up then, relieved as he realized he was not the object of her anger. He was relieved. Jae’s violent temper and prowess with a blade was legendary. Most bandits knew better than to trespass near her stedding. She rode far and wide throughout the vast expanse of Stonehart land to the east, driving out any criminals skulking there. She was married into the clan rather than being born into it, but that didn’t make her any less Stonehart. Where the defence of her clan was concerned, she was a wildcat.

She put a hand on his shoulder. “Rest assured, Damon, they will not escape unpunished. I will hunt them down myself if I have to!”

He blushed under her attention.

Jae withdrew her hand, startled, then grasped the pommel of her sword to cover the motion.

“Thank you,” he said, unsure of what else to say.

“On the contrary, thank you.” She sat down in the chair beside him. She had a small build, but the presence she exuded made her seem larger. “Carrying word of war is a matter of great importance and a dangerous task in these evil times.” She glowered at the trees outside as if they were somehow responsible for the attack. “You displayed great courage today. You certainly are growing up fast.” She smiled.

But is it fast enough, he wondered. What would she say if she knew his father had already promised him a sword two years before his time? Even if Erik was the leader of the Stonehart clan and even if he was special in terms of his magic, he was sure there would be disagreements about it when the council was asked to give their blessing on the ceremony. It occurred to him that quite soon he would know who truly believed in him and who did not. I guess now I’ll know exactly how many friends I have. It was this thought that disturbed him perhaps more than anything else. He was beginning to earnestly regret ever having asked his father for this thing that would change his life. If there was one thing he was sure of, it was that he was not ready for this. Not by a long shot.

Author: Ethan Kincaid

Ethan Kincaid was born in 1985 in Ontario, Canada. He graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a degree in Linguistics and a minor in Japanese Language. After finishing his education, he settled down there with his wife Kaitlyn and became a full-time writer. In 2011, he moved to Montreal and discovered its vibrant writing culture. In 2015, Ethan moved to Helsinki, Finland with his wife; he works as a creative craftsman and part time author. The greatest joy in his life lies in helping others find venues for their own personal expression.

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