Some Questions for Shadowhunter Fans

Hi guys! I watched the trailer for the upcoming Shadowhunters TV series and I’m really excited to watch it. January can’t come soon enough!

I  noticed that the prop designers for this incarnation of Cassandra Clare’s creation decided to put opaque, metallic or wooden hilts on the Seraph Blades. There are also runes engraved into the handles.


The blades in the TV series also spring from the hilt when engaged, much like a lightsaber. That would be far beyond my crafting capabilities. (I’m creative but I’m not a freaking warlock.) However, making opaque handles is well within the scope of possibility. Another nice thing about an opaque hilt is that it’s possible to install a light inside to make the blade glow. In a perfectly clear blade, there’s nowhere to hide such a thing except in the palm of a glove.

My questions are: Would you be interested in seeing me craft some TV series style Seraph Blades? Which do you prefer: the movie style or the TV style? Also, for those who like cosplaying Alec Lightwood, would you be interested in adamas arrow-heads?

Feel free to answer in the comments and let me know what you’d like to see next from the Adamant Studio. Safe hunting. 😉

Short Swords Cut and Ready for Shaping!

Just a wee update to let you all take a peek at what I’m working on right now.

2015-10-06 16.42.45

Care and Maintenance of Your Seraph Blade

Acrylic is a hardy, robust material and for this reason, the Shadowhunter blades I make rarely suffer any kind of damage. I have actually kicked one of my show blades to show a disbelieving ComicCon security guard that it was not, in fact, glass.

That said, the swords sometimes get surface scratches and bits of paint from dinging into walls and being pulled in and out of their sheaths at the convention hall. Fortunately, it is quite easy to fix these.

I’ll show you how with one of my favourite blades: Azrael.


This blade is the first of its design. My good friend Sister Verbena brought it to me in her suitcase when she visited this past weekend. As expected, it had a few surface scuffs. I suspect baggage handlers amuse themselves by playing kickball with luggage when no one is looking.

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Fresh Batch Of Acrylic

Woo! It arrived!

2015-09-18 13.09.26

Inside this violently yellow package is a tightly-wrapped bundle of ten acrylic slabs. Yes, it’s heavy. About 50lbs. The delivery fella wasn’t sure I could carry it but luckily I lift weights. All that exercise has gotta be good for something!

2015-09-18 13.16.11

Will it be 10 longswords? Will it be 20 short swords? Or perhaps 30 daggers? It could be a mix of all three!

Stay tuned to find out what’s coming next from the Adamant Studio…

Furnishing the Workshop

It’s happeniiiiiiing! Just placed an order last night and my new babies are on their way to me.

belt sander

A nice badass belt sander …

band saw

And a big ol’ band saw.

For a tough material like acrylic, nothing of lesser calibre will do. As soon as I have these and my plastics in hand, I can get to crafting. Stay tuned for more news.

The Forging of Hamaliel – A Shadowhunter Dagger


This is the seraph blade that I made for Randi’s wee Shadowhunter daughter. The grip, as you can see, is made for the small hand of a child and while it is a dagger to most of us, it will make a nicely sized short-sword for her.

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How to Make Crystal Clear Shadowhunter Blades


So you wanna look like this? Well, bad news: there’s only one Jamie Bower in the world and chances are, you’re not him. But I can help you out with that sweet, sweet Seraph Blade.

You can commission a blade from me. Here’s my Etsy shop! Or you can email me at to ask about custom orders. Each blade is made to order and is individually made by hand so please allow for a few weeks of crafting time.

But what if you want to make your own? Well, here’s a tutorial on how to carve one from solid acrylic. I make them out of liquid resin these days, but that is a huge expense for a single seraph blade which is probably what you want if you’re reading this.
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