Swords I’ve Made

Here’s a link to my Etsy shop!

Here’s the Clariel model I currently have in stock. More styles are coming soon!

Or you can send me an email at inkbladestudios@gmail.com to ask about buying a blade. Don’t worry, I’m not scary and I will be happy to answer your questions as soon as I can.

Here are some custom orders I’ve made before:


This Remiel sports a leather handle. The basic model does not have a leather wrapping.

For those who like getting up-close and personal with their foes! Remiel is a dagger measuring 33cm in length.


This Tzorial has engraving, leather wrap, wire wrap, LED, and a cast resin jewel. The basic model is much simpler.

Tzorial is a leaf-blade dagger with a rounded pommel. As you can see, with a little creativity, there are many ways a Seraph Blade can be customised! This dagger is 37cm long and 6cm wide.



Clariel is a short sword based on the Seraph Blade that Clary wields in the first season of the Shadowhunters TV show. It is 50cm long by 7.5 cm wide. The basic model (sans light and leather wrap) is 231.64 EUROS (plus shipping)


This Elissa has a leather wrap and LED. The basic model does not have a wrapping or light.

Elissa, also known as “The Rose Sword” is a Seraph Blade acquired a nickname for its thorny shape. The Shadowhunter who wields it says it an ice sword. I can certainly see the resemblance! It measures 45cm long by 10cm wide.



Jahoel is a 44cm short sword. It is my personal favourite design. Sleek and slender, with a wicked scorpion tail spike on the pommel.



Sarathiel is a 45cm short sword. In design, it’s quite similar to Jahoel but it has a rounded pommel and a thicker blade.


This Azrael has a slot cut in it for an LED insert. A basic Azrael with no LED will not have this opening.

Azrael is a 75cm longsword. Despite its asymmetrical profile, it is actually double-edged which makes its crafting somewhat tricky.

A bit on the heavy side to wield, but gives extra reach to damage demons from afar. And they certainly don’t expect that double edge coming at them on the back-swing!



Gabriel is a longsword measuring 56cm in length. If its shape looks familiar, that’s because it was inspired by Jace’s blade from The Mortal Instruments movie. It is the first kind of Seraph Blade I created.


Fun fact: Michael is so big that it won’t fit on my work table! This sword is slotted for an LED. A lightless Michael will not have this opening.

Behold the behemoth of the Studio: Michael! This longsword measures 90cm in length and is quite heavy. If you’re thinking of carrying this bad boy into battle, you’d best start working out your arms.

The design is based on the longswords from the Shadowhunters TV series.


This Ouriel has a leather handle. A basic Ouriel will not have this wrapping.

If Michael is the longest, Ouriel is certainly the widest. Its wicked recurve spike puts it at a whopping 10cm wide. At 59cm long, Ouriel falls into the longsword category.


This Sariel is equipped with leather wrapping and an LED. The basic model is a solid unwrapped blade without a light.

This long sword was inspired by the one wielded by Isabelle Lightwood in the Mortal Instruments movie. True to character, it is both deadly and elegant. Sariel measures 78cm by 7cm.


A basic Spinner will not be this colour and will not have a leather wrap.

This 53cm gladius was originally conceived as a Dark Elf priestess’ blade. The basic longsword, however, is perfectly capable of serving as a Seraph Blade if desired.


This is a highly customised Zaapiel. It sports rings, engraving, a leather wrap, an LED, wire wrapping, and a resin cast jewel. The basic model is, well, more basic.

Zaapiel was modelled after the Chinese ring sword. The rings were meant to distract an opponent and ruin the edge of their sword upon blocking. This ostentatious blade is perfect for the Shadowhunter who truly fears nothing. Zaapiel measures 55cm by 10cm.


It Glows!


How do you hide an LED in a crystal clear sword? Very carefully. The LED option for my blades requires a hilt cover of some kind. I offer Leather, Faux-Leather, or wood handles.




Engraved Runes


Designs can be carved into leather and inlaid with paint. This results in a robust image that will not wear off with time.

150 thoughts on “Swords I’ve Made”

  1. Hi my name is mariela and realy love your work. I was wondering how much would clariel be in U.S. dollars with led and the leather strap. Email me @mari_rmariela@yahoo.com


    1. Hi there! My work email is inkbladestudios (at) gmail (dot) com. If you send me an email, I can keep track of your request much easier! I like having everybody’s inquiries in one place so nobody gets missed. 🙂


  2. Hi it’s me again,1. Happy new year! And 2nd I would like to know how much Sariel alone with nothing extra would cost with shipping to the US?🙂


    1. Hi Mackenzie! I’ll be able to let you know prices as soon as I know how much volume of resin will be needed for each blade. 🙂 Sorry for the kind of annoying answer. I just want to be sure I give you the right price!


    1. You can send me an email at inkbladestudios@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Right now, I’m working on getting the resin to set just right. (New product I’m using and running tests with.) I anticipate being able to release a stock of Clariel models for people to purchase in late February, or early March. 🙂


  3. Okay I just have one question Does the Clariel Seraph Blade that you made to look like the ones on the Shadowhunters series light up like the ones on the show as well?


    1. It sure does! It has an LED implanted in the handle. It is hidden so that the user only needs to give the grip a squeeze and the sword lights up. I like to make things look like magic.


    1. With the carving method, it takes about 3 weeks from start to finish. So I’m changing over operations to casting in resin as opposed to carving each sword individually. I’ll post an announcement when I have some stock to sell. 🙂


    1. Ah, it’s a difficult question to answer. Right now, I’m producing some swords made from liquid resin instead of carving each one from a solid block. This way I can make swords faster. Unfortunately, that means I can only make one type of sword right now but I will make more moulds soon! The good news: using liquid resin, it is not so much more expensive for a long sword than for a short sword.

      The old way, when I carved the swords from huge blocks of acrylic, there was so much wasted material. To carve a long sword I had to cut a whole quarter of the block! The end piece I didn’t use was too short to make anything else. 😦 If I made a short sword, I could cut a quarter of the block and make two short swords without any wasted material. That is why the short swords were so much cheaper. With liquid resin, I can measure exactly how much material I need and nobody has to pay for wasted materials. 🙂


      1. The model I have going right now with the new resin casting method is Clariel. It’s about 658.37 (CAD) plus shipping. I say “about” because the conversion rates change. 😉


  4. How I buy i want to buy sariel im nig fan of shadowhunters so i want that sword. How much it its. 😅


    1. I don’t have a mould for Sariel yet. This one you see is carved from solid acrylic block. It takes a month to carve one sword, so now I make swords with liquid resin. Soon I will make a mould for Sariel. Then I can make some more like this. Can you send me an email at inkbladestudios@gmail.com so I can tell you when I make the new mould? When I know how much resin it will take then I can give a good price estimate.


  5. Hi my name is destiny. I just wanted to know how much a clariel blade is with the LED and the leather hilt would be?


  6. Hey, I’m a big fan of your work, I was just wondering, how much would a basic Spinner with runes engraved on the handle cost?


  7. Est ve que vous pensez être capable de faire des poignards seraphiques comme dans la saison 2 de shadowhunter? Sinon est ce que vous connaissez quelqu’un qui pourrait le faire?


    1. Oui, je suis capable. 🙂 Je vais faire le nouveau style plus tard cette année, je pense. Je dois faire le nouveau moule en premier. Ca prend un peu de temps. Je pense que je vais faire le style Sariel; l’épée d’Isabelle dans le film. Puis je vais faire les poingnards de la saison 2 ou peut-être le petit poingnard Jahoel de mon propre design.


  8. Hi there.

    Firstly, your work is awesome! Loving how much effort and time you put into your craft.
    I am just messaging you as I am very interested in maybe buying one from you to accompany a potential costume I have an idea for?
    For Halloween this year, I thought it’d be cool to cosplay as a Shadowhunter and wanna kind of equip true Shadowhunter props etc. So I have just a couple thoughts to run by you:
    The thing is, I have no money just now. I start my college course in August and I get my first payment in September. If I was to pop back up nearer the time and enquire further, would this leave you enough time to perhaps make something for me? I only ask because you may have a fully booked diary of sorts with already planned customer orders (I don’t wanna bother you more if that’s the case).
    Also, I live in Scotland. Would it be possible to have a quote for prices in British currency?

    -Thanks for taking the time to read this, I do gabber a lot. 🙂
    P.s- my Aunt jokenly said “ask if he accepts student discount…” that made me LOL.


    1. Ah yes, I remember my student days very well. Soooo much instant noodles. LOL Yes you may certainly poke me again in September. I should have enough time to make a sword for you. If you send me an email at inkbladestudios@gmail.com we can talk prices and whatnot. 🙂 I might not be able to do a student discount, but I’ve been thinking about doing a Halloween sale … hmmm. We’ll see if there’s enough interest in such a thing. Halloween is my favourite time of year after all!


    1. I can still make Micheal, yes. I just don’t have a mould for it yet. I’m working on the mould for Sariel at the moment 🙂 To decide which mould to make next, I look at the requests I’ve gotten and see which model of sword as the most people wanting it. I could move a lot faster if someone were willing to front the cost of the mould. Usually this is not the case since silicone is rather expensive. Perhaps I could offer to connect some people who want the same model of sword and see if they’d like to put in together to get the mould made?


    1. Before the TV series came out, it was Gabriel, the sword that Jace used in the Mortal Instruments film. Since then, my most popularly requested blade is Clariel, the one Clary uses in the TV show. Next most requested blade is Sariel, after that Jahoel, and then Michael.


  9. Hi!
    Im in love with these but unfortunately I’m too young to buy anything really expensive at the moment.
    I was just wondering which one is the cheapest??
    And how much is it??



  10. So, I read your comment to someone about possibly doing a Halloween sale. If that were to happen, how much would Clariel, Sariel, or Gabriel cost?


  11. Hey, what’s your most reasonable short sword with the LEDs, what kind of price would I be looking at do you think? (from England)


  12. Hi. Wow, your work is incredible. I wish I had the time, money, and tools to make things like this. I have a question as well. Is there any way you’d be able to make a Jahoel blade that lights up? I’m curious, but not sure if I will wind up getting one yet.


    1. Yep! I’m planning on making a mould for the Jahoel in the near future. It’s one of the more frequently-requested models. 🙂 I’ve actually been looking for a way to crowd-fund new models of swords and knives, etc so I can afford to put them out at a faster rate but I’m a little clueless about how to do that. XD That’s what’s been taking so long to get out each new model of sword. I have to fund the whole thing myself. It’s kind of not a small investment for a teeeeeny company like mine. If you know anybody who does the crowd-funding thing, let me know eh?


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