Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of swords do you have available?

Currently, just Clariel, but I’m making more moulds soon!

 Q: How do I order?

I sell on Etsy. You can also email me at to ask about special designs and custom orders.

 Q: When is a good time to email you?

My office hours are:

Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm Helsinki Time (UTC +2)

You can email me any time. I will receive it when I check for messages in the morning. I try to stay off the computer most of the time to maximize the hours I spend crafting.

Q: I ordered a sword awhile ago. How is it coming along?

I post updates on my website each week so keep your eyes peeled. I also touch base with my customers now and then to let them know how things are going.

 Q: Are you taking commissions for seraph blades right now?


Q: How long does it take to complete a seraph blade?

About 1 week. If I’m really busy with making a bunch of orders, I’ll let you know so you know how specifically how long your wait time will be. I work alone so unfortunately I don’t have anybody to help me make stuff any faster. I do my best!

Q: How long does shipping take?

That depends on where you are and what shipping service you decide to purchase. The fastest service I have available is 1-2 days. The slowest takes about 5-7 working days.

Q: I have a different question! Where can I ask it?

Right here in the comments section is a great spot. I generally answer within 24 hours.

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