Azrael gets SHINY

Awwwww yes look at what just came out of the studio today!

Azrael Shiny

This Azrael is equipped with a genuine leather grip done in silver and black, colours inspired by the TV show. Of course, it has my own little twist.


Lookin’ super srs as I concentrate on taking a good photo. As you can see, the glow is noticeable even in a brightly lit room. But let’s take it in the dark shall we?


All bathroom selfies should have a sword. As you can see, because I left the pommel uncovered by the leather, you get a nice little crescent of light there where it reflects off the fan-shaped crest.


Unintentionally Silent Brother kind of shot going on here… Azrael provides its own dramatic lighting.

How about the mechanics behind the magic?


Here we have my go-to illuminator: the Flatlight (TM). I’ve removed the keychain that comes with it and put in a small length of  elastic cord for easy retrieval. Without this aid, it’s a bit of a pain to extract the light since it fits so snugly. The flap shuts with a simple Velcro closure. Now you see it …


… now you don’t!

As this beauty wings its way toward the USA, a new project gets shifted up to my worktable. I now have all crafting slots full and one project in the queue. Stay tuned for more crafting adventures! Coming up, we have rune engraving, the longest of longswords, two never-before-seen new designs, and a long awaited secret project…

Chewie Bit Me!


Owie! For some reason, the Azrael model likes to take blood sacrifices from me when I’m working on the hilt. I’d best change the way I do that unless I want Chewie the belt sander on a high-protein diet. Who knows what it will do if it gets a taste for human flesh! Dooooooom!

Yeah, Chewie pretty much just took a layer or two of skin off my finger when I looked at the clock for a second. Remember guys: never look away from your machine! It waits for you to let your guard down and then … chomp!

Anywho, I’m a big boy. I’ll be fine. I just have to wear gloves for a bit to keep the plastic particles out.

In other news, I have filled my last crafting slot so we are currently at capacity in the Studio at the moment. All the same, feel free to send inquiries. You can still nab the first spot in line. I should have a slot open next week when I finish up this looooovely LED equipped Azrael. Pics coming soon. 😉

New Blade for Nibbles

Hurrah! My bandsaw is up and running again! Not precisely my choice of blade but it was all that was available. Hopefully, they will get the wood/metal bi-metal blades in stock soon.


We’ve got a brand new Azrael just off the saw and ready for first shaping.


We’ve got a fully polished Azrael in a … ugly sweater? Hehe, nope! It’s an old pair of fuzzy socks I bind around the blade to protect it while I fit the leather grip on the handle.


This is just in the initial stages of shaping but I think the diagonal lines really accentuate the sword’s shape.


We also have a HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING! What’s it called? How long is it? Will it be lit? Engraved?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for more swordy goodness. 😉

Nibbles has a Boo-Boo

So, this is a quick note to let you all know that the blade of my band-saw snapped yesterday while I was cutting out an Azrael. Sadly, the store that sells the replacement blades currently has none in stock. I have ordered some, but I’m afraid any new orders will have to wait until I receive my order. I’ll tell you when they arrive.

Introducing: Sarathiel



Sarathiel is a short sword that I shipped out just this morning. It is about two feet in length and quite practical. I was very pleased with how it came together. Totally fuss-free. It comes in a very close second to my all-time favourite: Jahoel. This beauty makes for a budget friendly choice at just $145.


Now that I’ve completed this particular order, I have one free crafting slot. Hurrah! If you’re looking to grab it for yourself, feel free to send me a message.


I’d also like to take this moment to let you all know that I’m no longer using bubble-wrap to package my swords. Instead, I’ve decided to use only bio-degradable materials in an effort to make my studio more eco friendly. My workshop may be a tiny operation, but I think it’s important to run it responsibly all the same.

Stay tuned for more news. I have a brand new longsword design on the table and two never-before-seen LED equipped Azrael blades.


Artistic Accidents

So, I was trying to make a lovely smooth, flawless, transparent coating of red over a clear sword. I had to strip it all off and re-finish the blade completely three times before I realized that it was absolutely impossible to get a coating free of drips without an air-brush unit. Which I don’t have.

I tried giving it an extra thick coating and then sanding it down, hoping for an artificially-created flawless finish. But there was no getting around it; there were still drips and …

wait a minute …

That actually makes a really cool pattern!


I accidentally produced a lacy pattern much like Damascus steel on a semi-transparent blade. My wife, who is very much a fan of blacksmithing and adores the Damascus patterns told me on no uncertain terms to do the whole blade like that.

So here it hangs in the closet dripping bloody red into a bucket while it dries. Spinner isn’t even finished and it is already hands-down the weirdest sword I’ve ever made.


Of course, as a side effect of dribbling the glass paint all over the sword, it got other places too.


Paint. Yes … just paint. Ahem. *closes the cupboard*